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Microwave Sterilization

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Insects drying And Sterilizing Microwave Equipment


Safety and hygiene: The whole machine adopts industral ade stainless steel mateial food grade standard, safety and santation, pollution-free, to the domestic leading level.

Energy-efficient: Microwave drying can save energy costs by more than 30% increasing production efficiency is 60%, and improve the product quality, economical and practical, cost-effective

Safe and environment-free : Microwave equipment consumes only power and does not cause environmental pollution and conlaminated materials It is clean and safe.

Improve the working condition: The who machine adopts PLC ouch screen conrol the machine interface is u automatic control operation, the automation degree is high, greatly improves the working condition.

Applicable materials: scorpion, yellow powder insect, fly maggots and other insect series.

The products include: live, dried insect powder, fresh pupa dried pupa pupae, pupae, pupa, insect can, insect slough, insect excrement sand Protein powder. chitin amino acid etc. Living means that age insect or fresh, is refers to the special breeding excellent animal protein feed and avoiding processing of raw materals, one refers to the use of microwave energy for sterilization dry dry insect powder is one after crushing gnnding skim to miscellaneous products.

Principle of Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Microwave sterization is the result of the combination of thermal and biological effects of electromagnetic fields.The thermal effect of microwaves to bactera s to make proteins change. causing bacteria to lose nutrients reproduce and survive conditions.The bological effect of microwave on the bacteria is microwave ectric eld change in the cross section of the cell membrane potentia distibution ,infuence the membrane surounding electrons and ions concentration, which change the membrane performane,fully bactera so malnutrition, cannot nomal metaboism, cell structure function disorder, growth is restrained and death. In addition, the microwave can make normal bacteria growth and stable genetic breeding of nucleic acid RNA and DNA,DNA is made up of a number of hydrogen bonding is flabby, faults and restructuring, and thus induce genetic mutations, or chromosome aberration and even rupture.

Microwave Equipment Process

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