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Microwave Sterilization

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Medicine drying and sterilizing mic owave equipment features


Dehydration quickly: The use of microwave thermal effect and non-thermal effect ow temperature drying and sterization, mic owave energy radiaton direcy o the drug, the d g nema temperature, pressure, speed up the transfer of bound water mole Pues, processed ems of moisture to evaporate grady outward, at this tme in microwave devices again with proper hot air, the apid evaporation of moisture away.

Energy-efficient: In order to ensure the quality of products, should strictly control the air temperature humidity and flow, the use of microwave drying treament chemcals not on high qualty products, and can eay shoten the drying time and save a lot of energy. economic benefit is obvious.

Versatility: Microwave is done in and out of the heating of the drug. and it has a certain swelling effect on the drug. so it is more beneficial to the absorption of the drug Drugs by microwave staion generally only a few seconds to a few minutes. Better maintain the organic nutrent content of orginal drug and nutrition products, improve the curative effect.

Applicable materials: t is widely used in the drying and seaton of lls tablets, powder, medicine particles, etc.

Principle of Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Microwave sterization is the result of the combination of thermal and biological effects of electromagnetic fields.The thermal effect of microwaves to bactera s to make proteins change. causing bacteria to lose nutrients reproduce and survive conditions.The bological effect of microwave on the bacteria is microwave ectric eld change in the cross section of the cell membrane potentia distibution ,infuence the membrane surounding electrons and ions concentration, which change the membrane performane,fully bactera so malnutrition, cannot nomal metaboism, cell structure function disorder, growth is restrained and death. In addition, the microwave can make normal bacteria growth and stable genetic breeding of nucleic acid RNA and DNA,DNA is made up of a number of hydrogen bonding is flabby, faults and restructuring, and thus induce genetic mutations, or chromosome aberration and even rupture.

Microwave Equipment Process

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