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Microwave Sterilization

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Cardboard Paper Tube Microwave Drying Epuipment


Full automation: Microwave has the advantages of ra and unom hang safe and hamess, high in contnuous production,high automation and greatly improved working conditions.

Uniform level: Dry speed, high effiency ,the paper is dry and uniform,the quality of the poduct is improved, it is not cracked and not deformed, and the mechanical hardness is 3-5 times stronger.

Anti-mildew antibacterial: Micowave drying process has a strong seaton function, greatly improved the ant-moldablifthe cardboard extended the shelf life .

High efficiency : High efficiency and energy saving,compared with far-infrared drying,the drying time is reduced by two thirds, and the electricity consumption is reduced by 1/3.

Simple and safe: Easy to operate, abor-saving smal footprint. Safety and health, bad insurance, no noise, no pollution.

Applcable scope: It is widely applicable for fast drying such as thick cardboard paper, grey board corrugated board paper tube honeycomb board, green paper bow, carton board and file box.

Advanced technology: Microwave cabad yng quipment s the electromagnet adaon t gated board, using the cardboard itself as the heating and drying method of heating body.

Principle of Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Microwave sterization is the result of the combination of thermal and biological effects of electromagnetic fields.The thermal effect of microwaves to bactera s to make proteins change. causing bacteria to lose nutrients reproduce and survive conditions.The bological effect of microwave on the bacteria is microwave ectric eld change in the cross section of the cell membrane potentia distibution ,infuence the membrane surounding electrons and ions concentration, which change the membrane performane,fully bactera so malnutrition, cannot nomal metaboism, cell structure function disorder, growth is restrained and death. In addition, the microwave can make normal bacteria growth and stable genetic breeding of nucleic acid RNA and DNA,DNA is made up of a number of hydrogen bonding is flabby, faults and restructuring, and thus induce genetic mutations, or chromosome aberration and even rupture.

Microwave Equipment Process

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